Baby Nap Mat pictured with crochet Cocoon and matching Hat.

I recommend using baby soft bamboo fleece for the Nap Mat because of its excellent wicking ability.

Wicking means it will draw moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate.

Wicking is what makes bamboo such an excellent material for use next to baby’s delicate skin .




Where to Start

Practical Information

Here’s what you will need:

Base: two pieces 18” x 29”

Coverlet:  two pieces 18” x 16” (adjust the 16” to  20” if you prefer a larger cover)

10” zipper, one standard pillow (or you can make a pillow)

Thread in matching color.

Add some Applique







Alternatively use a contrast fabric for the coverlet.








To round the top two corners on the base.  I used a dinner plate as a stencil, see below.







To make a pillow cut two extra base pieces ½” smaller on each side –  17” x 15” out of plain fabric and fill with soft fiber.

Making the pillow:

Sew together the raw edges using serger or straight stitch on your sewing machine.

Leave an 8” section to allow for filling the pillow.

Turn the unfilled pillow right side out and use your fingers to straighten the seams.

Tease out the stuffing and push into the pillow until comfortably filled.

Now sew across the 8” opening and neaten with zigzag or overlock with serger

Making the Coverlet

Using the two small (coverlet) pieces join them at the top. Consider if you want the fleece side showing or hidden.

I decided to use the fleece side only on the pieces next to the baby for comfort. I pinned the pieces together right side to wrong side (both right side down).






Next I joined the top using a straight stitch and neatened with zigzag or use a serger.

Using a hot iron press the seam on the wrong side.

Now turn to the right side and press the seam folding the coverlet so the fleece side will be inside.

If you want to add an applique position it and press in place now; for extra security hand sew in place.







Now on right side of coverlet pin the other three sides together and baste together ¼’ from edge.






Now position coverlet on the upper piece of the base fleece sides together with right side of coverlet facing up.

Pin and baste ½” from edge.









Now lay the last piece of base on top of the work right side down (fleece up).








Position zipper on top edge and mark beginning and end of zipper.








Now sew the top edges together leaving 1/2″ seam allowance.

When you get to the area marked for the zipper secure the thread either end by working a few reverse stitches.

Press the seam flat.








Place the zipper in position over the seam and using the zipper foot sew the zipper in position anchoring both ends.









Now use a seam ripper to unpick the stitches over the zipper

The Zipper is now revealed and operational.

Leave the zip open. This is important.

(Refer to Sewing Know How for more information on inserting a zip. )

Now move on to complete our Baby Nap Mat

With the base piece still positioned over the coverlet pin together the remaining three side,  ½” from edge.

Zigzag or use serger to overlock the  raw edges.

Now turn right side out through the zip opening,

Inset the pillow do up the zip

Our Baby Nap Mat is now ready for baby.







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